“VIVAT Advocacy – Churches unite for better Mining practices in Latin America”

As members of VIVAT International, Spiritans and member congregations advance respect for the environment and the eradication of injustices that arise from the extraction of natural resources. Through its network in Latin America, “Iglesias y Minería” (Churches and Mining), a short video has been produced in collaboration with local communities highlighting the negative impacts of mining on communities across Latin America. Loss of agricultural lands, Social ills, health issues, environmental degradation, erosion of cultural values are a few of these negative effects, which confront these communities as a result of large scale mining activities. The positive effects of employment and a better life are not felt by local people from whose lands these resources are extracted. Rather, corrupt government officials and executives of multi-national companies profit at the expense of local. Listening to the testimonies of people advocating for a better extractive alternative model of development, reminds us that activism for the common good helps to prevent future conflicts. This video is a tool that can help us inform communities about the negative effects which large scale mining leaves on communities. We are well placed to support the struggles of communities in Africa, Asia, Latin America and other parts of the world where extractive companies continue to displace people and pollute the environment with the support of weak governments. Raising awareness and helping local communities to ask relevant questions before, during and after extractive operations are essential aspects of our advocacy for the poor and marginalized.

Watch the video in this link and join local networks in your areas to campaign for a healthier environment. http://youtu.be/uEKLw3x41qY

Jude Nnorom.

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