Following morning prayer at 7.30am and breakfast at 8.00am, the delegates gathered again at 9.00am to consider the issue of the rationalization of 2nd Cycle formation as mandated by the General Chapter at Bagamoyo. The Coordinator for Formation on the General Council, B. Ukwuije, introduced the topic. F. Mallya presented a powerpoint presentation of the recently published statistics on Spiritan formation houses throughout the Congregation in terms of 2nd Cycle formation.

IMG_1375 IMG_1374

The subsequent discussion generated a significant amount of debate. Some delegates, many of who were not at Bagamoyo, had to be reminded that the question was about implementing a Bagamoyo decision and not reopening the debate about whether this was a good idea of not. The General Council wanted advice on which 2nd Cycle communities should continue and which ones were surplus to requirements. The four commissions gave their proposals in writing.

In the afternoon, Peter Agbonome gave a presentation on the topic of new initiatives in education. Joe Shio then presented the Guide for Spiritan Education. This was later discussed in the four commissions.

By Fr. Michael Kilkenny CSSp


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