The Superior General, gave an opening address

The day began with morning prayer and Eucharist at 7.00am. Breakfast was at 8.00am followed with the first session at 9.00am.


John Fogarty, the Superior General, gave an opening address to the gathered delegates for about an hour. He summarized the strengths and the challenges that face the Congregation based on his and the General Council’s experience during the first four years of their mandate. All the areas mentioned in his report will be discussed in more detail during the next two weeks. In general, he focused on the ongoing challenge facing all leadership in the Congregation: to bridge the gap between the vision for Spiritan life and mission as outlined in our various documents and the lived reality on the ground.

Bede Ukwuije then presented a summary of the feedback from Circumscriptions in terms of how these are progressing in implementing the decisions of Bagamoyo in their circumscriptions.  His input generated a lively discussion in the Assembly. Many agreed that the implementation survey carried out by the General Council should become an annual event. An element that was recognized as militating against proper implementation of General Chapter orientations and decisions is the practice whereby a number of circumscriptions hold their Chapters on the eve of General Chapters.

In the afternoon, A. Mayama gave his input on the process of making mission appointments for young confreres. He outlined the various steps in the process and highlighted elements that need to be improved.  203 appointments were made by the current General Council during the past four years, with 15 of these having to be appointed elsewhere later on.

Pat Palmer delivered a short input at 6.30pm on Spiritan mission in Asia.

By Michael Kilkenny CSSp

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