Spiritan Newsflash 14th May 2012 – N. 288

25th Anniversary of JPIC Services at the Generalate 1987 – 2012

Dear Confreres, Associates and Friends,
This year we celebrate 25 year since the General Council under the leadership of the former Superior General Fr. Pierre Hass and the tireless efforts of Fr. Mike Doyle instituted the office of Justice and Peace (now JPIC) at the Generalate to coordinate and animate the circumscriptions in issues of JPIC.

JPIC services at the Generalate are the fruits of the new version of the Spiritan rule of Life which was published on September 8th, 1987; therefore in September 2012 we shall commemorate 25 years of our New Rule of Life. The theme “We must make ourselves the advocates, the supporters and the defenders of the weak and the little ones against all who oppress them” (Rule of 1849;NDX,517) has been taken from SRL 14. It fits well for our two Anniversaries this year because it links the Old and the New Rules.

I salute my predecessors William Headley (USA Province), John Skinnader and John Kilcrann (Irish Province) who worked hard to make JPIC central to Spiritan Mission, Spirituality and Initial and Ongoing Formation. Inspired by the Holy Spirit and guided by the leadership of the three General Councils led by the late former superior General Fr. Pierre Schouver (RIP) and Fr. Jean-Paul Hoch, the current Superior General, their efforts and talents have made our Congregation one of the actors in the promotion and defense of the common good for all, especially the poor at the international level through our membership in inter-congregational organisations like AEJN and VIVAT International.

The participants at the JPIC Workshop in Angola made various proposals on how we could commemorate and celebrate the 25th anniversary of our engagement in JPIC. Competitions related to the thoughts and action in JPIC matters in our schools and houses of formations; exhibitions of JPIC works; re-reading circumscription and community diaries and extracting from them JPIC related events; lighting 25th anniversary candles for the whole year or for some specific celebrations; holding talks on JPIC to various groups in our work places; were some of the proposed ways of celebrating the anniversary. The event will be celebrated by Spiritans from all over the world during the General Chapter at Bagamoyo. We encourage each circumscription to choose the best way of celebrating and commemorating this event.

In whatever way the circumscription chooses to celebrate, we would appreciate it if the JPIC Coordinator (or a team) could make an inventory of JPIC engagements which the circumscription has undertaken between 1987 and 2012. Please elaborate one of them (in not more than 700 words) and send it to the Generalate (with illustrations) so as to make a collection of what has been realised in all the circumscriptions for the past 25 years.

The commemorations, celebrations and collected accounts of what has been realised will help us to appreciate the inexhaustible gifts and talents present among the members of the Congregation and give thanks to the Lord for these gifts. These too will be an occasion of animating not only the members of the Congregation but also the Christian Communities, groups and the public in general on the Values of the Kingdom which we affirm and promote by our JPIC engagements.

We thank our confrere Firmino Cachada for designing this logo. Please use it to spread the theme and the message it carries.

Happy Anniversary!!

Gervase Taratara, CSSp,
JPIC Coordinator

We must make Our Selves « the advocates, the supporters and the defenders of the weak and the little ones against all who oppress them” (SRL, 14).


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