Spiritan advocacy through Africa Europe Faith and Justice Network (AEFJN)

Spiritans belong to the AEFJN network, a group of over 40 religious congregations that advocate for better economic policies for Africa in the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. In concert with other civil society organizations, AEFJN is happy to announce that majority of the Members of the European Parliament voted in favour of a draft legislation that EU importers of raw materials such as Tin, Tantalum, Tungsten and Gold should be certified by the EU to ascertain that these raw materials do not originate from areas experiencing wars and conflicts. Spiritans welcome this development. With our confreres working in many parts of war torn Africa, we have the first hand experience of the economic chains that fuel and sustain conflicts. Our advocacy for the poor and needy commits us to advocate through inter-governmental bodies to bring more transparency to international trade. This is only a draft legislation and still need to be defended at the European commission and European Council. To read more, in English and French kindly visit http://www.aefjn.org/


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