Rome:Changes in personnel at the Generalate

There have been some recent changes in personnel at the Generalate and some more are to come in the month of September this year.

First of all, Haroldo Alves, after completing two terms as Procurator to the Holy See and Archivist, returned to his Province of Brazil on the 24th of May and was replaced by Orlando Zanovelli, also from Brazil, where he was formerly the Superior in Alto Juruá. He has already begun his job and is getting used to frequenting the corridors of power at the Vatican. In September, Felisberto Sakulukusu from Angola, will leave the Generalate, where he has been an able assistant to the General Bursar in the finance department, and will be replaced by Jo Abellan of the French Province, who has been up to now the bursar in the French Seminary – so it is just a short trip across the city for him when he comes. Also at the beginning of September, John McFadden will complete seven years as General Secretary, just like his predecessor Bobby Ellison, and will be replaced by Michael Kilkenny of the Irish Province. To all the newcomers to the house on Clivo di Cinna we say a hearty “Benvenuti !”. John McFadden.

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