What We Do

The Spiritan charism emphasizes the evangelization of the “poor” (cf. Lk 4:18).  We go to:

  • Those who have not yet heard the Gospel message or those who have scarcely heard it.
  • Those oppressed and most disadvantaged, as a group or as individuals.
  • In places where the Church has difficulty in finding workers.

Serving in Today’s World

Our rapidly changing world impacts on our mission:

  • We recognize the great diversity of missionary activity in all parts of the world.
  • Fields of evangelization change and so do methods and partners.

More than ever, evangelization is seen as the living incarnation of the Word of God:

  • It penetrates different cultures and finds a home in the hearts of the people.
  • It is always a source of new life which leads people towards the Father.

Spiritans are committed to the renewal of evangelization in a healthy and respectful manner, going to meet other people and religions without seeking to dominate them.  We must first – through education and community service — help the oppressed and disadvantaged overcome the problems that make every day a struggle. This service becomes our witness to God’s love for the poor. From our witness and service, we then hope to introduce people to the Word of God. 

Present Priorities

First Evangelisation

Evangelisation of the Poor


Help us in Our Mission

Those who would like to collaborate in the Spiritan Mission by helping to finance some of our works or  the formation of our candidates, can contact the  General Bursar: csspecog@yahoo.it, and make their gift to the following account:

Procura Generale del’Istituto dello Spirito Santo
Clivo di Cinna, 195
0136 Roma – Itália

Adress: Città del Vaticano
Account Nomber: 22 926 006