Missionary Life

A missionary has to live and work according to the charisms of his founders. In the words of our co-founder, Francis Libermann:

“It is not sufficient to be sent: you have to have the spirit of mission”.

“The life of the apostle is nothing more than the life full of love and holiness that the Son of God lived when he was on this earth: by it, he continually sacrificed himself to the glory of his Father for the salvation of the world”.

To be all things to all people

Preaching the Gospel means:

  • Sharing the life of those to whom you are sent.
  • It means being all things to all people.

The missionary must have a total availability towards everybody, sharing their lives by learning and respecting their language, their culture and their customs. We practice:

Spiritan Mission Priorities

Inter-Religious Dialogue and Ecumenism

We try in dialogue to cooperate honestly with leaders and the faithful of other religions as well as with those who do not believe in God. We put our trust in the Holy Spirit, leading both us and them “to the complete truth” (John 16:13) SRL 16.3.

Defense of the Weak and Oppressed, Commitment to Justice

We will help the poor and marginalized by analyzing situations of injustice, by making people aware of their rights, by sharing in information networks on injustice, by taking action to influence political and economic decision making,  and by promoting the dignity of all people in church and society.

We work with refugees, migrants and displaced persons,prisoners and young delinquents, victims of AIDS, drug addicts, the marginalised in the cities and cultural minorities. We do this by promoting peace, resolving conflicts, forgiveness, reconciling and healing the wounds of violence.

The Integrity of Creation for the Quality of Human Life

To improve the lives of people, we must also study and act to safeguard the environment, struggle against degradation, against air, water, soil pollution and deforestation.


Ministry with Refugees, Migrants and Displaced People

Work with refugees has become an especially important task in recent years. We have projects for refugees from Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi and The Democratic Republic of Congo. We also work to help asylum seekers, migrants and refugees arriving in Europe and North America.


As a precursor to sharing the Gospel, we educate children and adults through literacy courses, education for disadvantaged children and young people, technical, informal, moral and spiritual education, and the training of teachers.