Meeting of the Centre for Spiritan Studies Committee (CSS)

The members of the Centre for Spiritan Studies (CSS) Committee, set up in 2005, held a meeting at the Generalate House in Rome from the 15th to the 17th of January 2013.

Rome, from the 15th to the 17th of January 2013

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Meeting of the Centre for Spiritan Studies Committee (CSS) 2013

The Superior General, Fr. John Fogarty attended the meeting, together with the correspondent on the General Council, Fr. José Sabença, the new CSS Director based in Duquesne University, Fr. James Okoye, the Co-ordinator for Spiritan Formation Fr. Philip Massawe and the following confreres: Marc Whelan (Ireland), Pedro Iwashita (Brazil), Raymond Jung (France), Richard Fagah (Nigeria), Jean-Pascal Lombart (Taiwan-Vietnam) and Pedro Fernandes (Portugal).

In the course of their meeting, the confreres discussed the formation and animation programmes currently being followed in the Congregation, the transmission of the Spiritan charism, Spiritan spirituality as it is being lived today and the formation of specialists in these areas.

Collaboration with the Centre for Spiritan Studies at Duquesne University formed the basis for discussion; this included the formation available at Duquesne itself, as well as the immense service rendered by the internet site of the University ( especially for the collection of reference works for us Spiritans which is continually growing (accessible on, and also for the distance learning programme for JPIC, strongly recommended for our formation communities as well as for confreres involved in this type of ministry. The CSS Director may be contacted for all questions related to this site on and any publications to be put on line can be sent to him. The committee would like to see access to Spiritan texts in the three languages of the Congregation grow and develop. The General Council’s internet site ( includes a section ‘members of the Congregation’ to which you need to subscribe; this gives you access to the latest texts. The committee wants to encourage greater collaboration between the different Spiritan Spirituality Centres already existing, especially for the formation of formators and specialists. The review ‘Spiritan Horizons’ published by the CSS, will continue to develop under the new Director. A second volume of the ‘Spiritan Anthology’ is also being prepared; some of the texts will be accessible on the internet before their publication.

Following on from the Harare meeting in 2011, the committee assessed the preparations for the formation workshops planned for the summer of 2013, one in Yaoundé (Cameroun) and the other in SIST (Nigeria); this one month course on the subject of our Spiritan identity is aimed at helping formators in their role of transmitting the Spiritan charism and it will also be assessed eventually. For the formation of confreres already in ministerial posts, other proposals were studied and will be developed in the course of the present General Council’s mandate.

The Superior General underlined the importance of the work done in collaboration with Duquesne University and thanked the members of the CSS Committee who came for the meeting. The committee members on their part appreciated the warm welcome they received at the Generalate House. It is hoped that the next meeting will be held at Duquesne University in 2014.

By Jean-Pascal Lombart and José Manuel Sabença.

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