Food Security in the world

The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations based in Rome, recently released the latest annual UN world hunger report.

The report claims that “the number of hungry people in the world dropped to 795 million – 216 million fewer than in 1990-92 or about one in every nine according to the latest edition of the annual UN hunger report, SOFI 2015.” Many factors contribute to this reduction not least the work of civil society in raising awareness about situations of acute hunger and malnutrition. Spiritans minister in many parts of the world where people experience daily hunger. The local experience of our confreres on the field serves as a test for this claim. Our congregation’s participation through the JPIC commission of the union of Superior Generals enables us to access information relating on food security. Read the report for the various parts of the world in the link provided. Should you experience situations of acute hunger, please inform our JPIC/IRD office and we can advocate for some intervention through Inter Congregation Religious (UCR) at Fao.

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Jude Nnorom CSSp

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