Duquesne University Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Course Graduation 2015

On the 20th of June 2015, in the premises of the Spiritan Missionair Team Eindhoven (MTE), Province of Holland, Sr. Ann Walton (Precious Blood Sisters); Sr. Alberta te Wierik (Zusters van Liefde van Jezus en Maria); Br. Yos Baskoro (Fratrum Immaculatae Conceptionis); Tom Boesten and Gerard Moorman –staff members of Conference of Religious in Netherlands (Konferentie Nederlandse Religieuze-KNR), received their certificates after successfully completing their JPIC online course.

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The course is offered through the McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts of Duquesne University of the Holy Ghost, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Fr. Marcel Uzoigwe, JPIC coordinator for the province of Holland, galvanized support for the course which empowered the participants with knowledge of the trajectory of Catholic Social Thought and skills in advocacy and inter-religious dialogue. He said the course creates the space for religious and lay persons whose ministries are challenged by socio-economic, political and environmental issues to deepen their knowledge of the theoretical and practical foundations of JPIC, so as to be effective minsters. Aware of the complexity of present day situations such as religious extremism, increasing migration, multi-national land grabbing in Africa, pollution and intemperate weather conditions driving rural people into congested cities, the participants sharpened their skills in theological, spiritual and networking approaches to JPIC. For the participants, different modules of the course addressed pertinent issues encountered by JPIC promoters and defenders of Human rights all over the world. They encouraged those present to register for the course, as it provided strategic analysis of multi-stakeholder processes and dialogue on issues related to economics and conflicts, human rights, environment, conflict resolution, and combating religious extremism. The four courses on Foundations of Theological reflection; Justice in a global context; Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding; Economics and People; Water, environment and Development exposed the ongoing dynamics of socio-economic processes and the effects that bear heavily on the human person.

Speaking at the ceremony the provincial of the Dutch province Martin van Morsel explained that the province established the MTE, to be at the service of the local church in Holland as the locus for dialogue and mission. Chima Anyaeze, a member of the MTE reiterated the necessity of updating our knowledge of social issues, in order to respond effectively to present day challenges. Jude Nnorom, the Spiritan coordinator of JPIC and inter-religious dialogue, congratulated the participants. He said the skills acquired from the JPIC course should enable the participants to advance not only the mission of their respective congregations but also the United Nations’ Post 2015 development agenda of eradicating poverty and hunger, advancing universal primary education and ensuring environmental sustainability etc. He thanked the province of Holland and the community in Eindhoven for promoting the JPIC online course, sharing our spiritan heritage with the wider Catholic community in Holland. The participants thanked the province of Holland, as well as Chima Anyaeze, Marcel Uzoigwe and John Onoja, members of MTE.

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