Today in Spiritan Anniversaries

24 April

East Africa 1862: As a result of negotiations between Rome and the Congregation, including the interven-tion of Mgr. Maupoint C.S.Sp., Apostolic Delegate for East Africa, the Superior General (Schwindenhammer) agrees to take on the mission of Zanguebar.

France 1920: The Congregation buys the property of Allex and transfers there the junior seminary of St. Joseph; it had been started at Beauvais and subse-quently moved to Seyssinet and Susa (in Italy) before settling at Allex.

Congo Kinshasa 1956: Erection of the new Vicariat of Kindu. It is made up of the northern part of Kongolo and the southern part of Stanleyville (Kisangani).

Angola 1992: P. Abilio Guerra (47) of Portugal is killed in mysterious circumstances at Luanda; he is taken from the entrance of the Provincialate and found dead on the following day in the outskirts of the town.