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Spiritan Headquarters in Rome

Congregazione Dello Spirito Santo
Clivo Di Cinna 195, 00136 Roma-IT
Tel. 39 06 35 404 6



Fr. John FOGARTY   Superior General
Fr. Bede UKWUIJE   1st General Assistant
  Br. Marc TYRANT   2nd General  Assistant
Fr. Alain MAYAMA General Assistant
Fr. Joseph SHIO General Assistant
 Fr. Maurice Shortall Maurice Shortall General Assistant
John Louis Dimba, John Louis Dimba General Assistant
Fr. Jean-Marc Sierro   General Bursar



Fr. Joachim ABELLAN Assistant General Bursar
Fr. Advisor to General Bursar
Fr. Michael KILKENNY General Secretary
Fr. Jean Jacques BOEGLIN Assistant General Secretary
Fr. Orlando ZANOVELLI Procurator – Holy See
Fr. Lucien POCHON Community Superior
Fr. Florentine MALLYA Formation
Fr. Jude NNOROM Justice, Peace and IC
Fr. Gaston TEMGOUA Communication
Br. Robert GUENO
Mr. Mauro MAZZANTI Administration
Ms. Angi LEPORE General Secretariat
Ms. Rose-Anne COLLORAFI General Bursar Secretariat

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