Welcome to the online Spiritan community, where you can receive and share news, start a conversation, find contact information, and keep in touch with fellow Spiritans worldwide.

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Only Professed and Associated Spiritans can subscribe in order to access this internal site. Please send an email requesting membership to: csspsecreg2@yahoo.it. Include your:

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You will receive a password by return email as soon as possible (within three days).

Helpful Suggestions

You will be asked if you would like to create an avatar. An avatar is simply a profile picture used along with your name to help others identify you. Use a digital picture of yourself, so others will get to know you, and use their real pictures.

This online community will let us share news and information when we cannot meet in person.  Please respect your fellow Spiritans and behave online as you would face-to-face.

Though this community requires you and other participants to log in, do not share any overly personal or private information which you would not exchange in casual conversation.