Central Africa Republic:Yet scenes of violence.

A dramatic event occurred on Wednesday, the eve of the Ascension, in the compound of Notre Dame de Fatima Parish, Bangui. A group of unidentified armed men stormed the parish compound after a fight between Muslims and Anti-Balaka close to the parish. There are about 5000 displaced people in the parish compound. There were shootings in the parish compound in which eleven people were killed, including Fr. Emile Nzale. There is also a rumor that about 40 people were held hostage and executed in the area (yet to be confirmed). Tension has increased in the capital with barricades and shootings all through the night. A Mosque at Lakouanga in our area, which was protected up till now, was ransacked. We are all confined to our houses for now. We are afraid of possible attacks by rogues at night. Bangui is once more paralyzed. At 5 am, some women marched downtown; some of them stripped themselves to express their frustration. From St Charles, we go out from time to time on David Dacko Street to observe what is happening. We hope that measures will be taken to calm the situation.

We remain united in prayers.

Fr. Patrick Omer Mbéa

Superior of Central Africa Republic

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