Basic Christian Communities

Spiritans are often involved in the formation of Basic Christian Communities.  Spiritans try to put down their roots where the people live. We believe that ministry to people should be holistic.  The Good News demands that we denounce social injustice. Basic Christian Communities seek to integrate the spiritual and material development of people. They take their inspiration from the Word of God and give flesh to the Christian virtue of hope.

Basic Christian Communities create a place of material and spiritual solidarity. There is strength in numbers so the creation of Christian community can give a voice to the voiceless, the vulnerable and the exploited. Using the tools of modern media and communication, Spiritans create networks of support. Some of the issues commonly faced by the poor in developing countries are:

  • Lack of the basic necessities for life (food, water, housing, education, health).
  • Unfair or inadequate wages.
  • Illegal expropriation of land.
  • Abuse of children and adults by those who organize prostitution and the drug trade.
  • Exploitation of land, water and natural resources by multi-national corporations often resulting in catastrophic long term environmental damage.

Hope in Brazil

The people in one of the favelas in Sao Paulo, Brazil, needed not only the force of faith but also drinking water. Led by their Spiritan priest, more people joined in the campaign to pressure the municipal government to provide clean water. Finally victory was achieved and water flowed! “It is clear that the victory had to be celebrated in the context of faith, fidelity and fraternity; a Brazilian celebration, with song, dance and a profound hope in the Lord of History” (Itaici).