Members of the Congregation

Spiritans come from many diverse backgrounds. However, all of us are called by God and committed to serving those most in need in whatever context or culture we find ourselves.

There is one unifying theme that defines our spirit and purpose: PRESENCE. We are a family of priests, brothers and lay people, and we seek to be present to people by announcing to them the Gospel of Jesus Christ everywhere that the Holy Spirit leads us.

In all of that, we seek to promote positive changes in the world.

You become a professed member of our Congregation when, after a long time of discernment and accompaniment, you make profession to live in accordance with the Spiritan Rule of Life (SRL).

All members commit themselves to lead an apostolic life in the following of Christ with three dimensions: the practice of the evangelical counsels, fraternal and praying life in community and announcing the Good News. Some will live it as Brothers, others as Priests. One prepares for each of these states of life by acquiring the appropriate professional competence.

The Path to the Spiritan Life

To become a Spiritan priest or brother, there are several stages of formation involving prayer and discernment, academic studies, training and service. While the program of  formation varies slightly from country to country, the process generally takes several years.

  • PreNovitiate – Living in a Spiritan community and getting to know us, while undertaking the first step of studies.
  • Novitiate – A full year of intense prayer and discernment prior to vows.
  • Studies – After the novitiate, the newly-professed members prepare for their final commitment in our congregation doing the appropriate professional studies for their future dedication as brothers or as priests
  • Pastoral Experience
  • Final vows and official Mission Appointment by the Superior General.

All of this process of training and formation is done in the context of a Spiritan community of prayer and fellowship.

Joining the Spiritans

Joining the Spiritans means pursuing a vocation that gives back to the world what God has first given you. It means listening to the Spirit within you and turning your life over to God so you can serve others by sharing the Gospel.  Read what some Spiritans have to say about their decision to join.

To learn more about becoming a Spiritan priest, brother or lay associate, visit  the Spiritan national website of the country that interests you.

Learn About our Spiritan Founders and Pioneers

Claude Poullart des Places and Francis Libermann – Our Founders.

Fr. Daniel Brottier – Caring for the orphans.

Jacques-Desiré Laval –  The Apostle of Mauritius.

Bishop Joseph Shanahan – A mighty missionary to Nigeria.