303th Anniversary of the death of Claude Poullart des Places

He was born at Rennes, France, on 26 February 1679 and died on 2 October 1709 in Paris. He was barely 30 years of age. He founded the Congregation of the Holy Spirit with some companions. In 1848 the Congregation merged with the Society of the Holy Heart of Mary founded by Francis Libermann.

To all the Spiritan family we wish you a good celebration of this anniversary. United in the same spirit, we pray with confidence Claude’s prayer of abandonment.

“O my God, guide to the heavenly Jerusalem for those who really trust in you, I have recourse to your divine providence. I abandon myself entirely to you. I give up my own inclinations, appetites and will in order blindly to follow yours. Be good enough to show me what you want me to do so that I may follow here below the way of life you have destined for me. May I serve you during my pilgrimage in a way which is agreeable to you and may you shower on me all the graces I always need to offer the glory due to your divine Majesty”.
(See Michel -Poullart des Places -Writings, pg 57-79)


Gaston Temgoua, Rome

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