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We are a Roman Catholic Religious Congregation of nearly three thousand members, founded in 1703. Our missions are spread worldwide. While we may be found involved in many diverse ministries, we have dedicated ourselves to working with the poor and in those situations where the Church has difficulty in finding ministers.

One Heart. One Spirit.

  • We seek first to allow the Spirit to transform us in our heart and soul
  • We are open to the Spirit alive in others
  • We go and share the Spirit wherever people are suffering

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28 July in Spiritan Anniversaries

Makurdi 1922: Frs. Marcel Grandin and Vincent Davey visit Catholics in the camps set up for the workers along the route of the new railway from Enugu to Makurdi. Among the important camps that are to become Catholic missions in the future are Igumale, Utonkon, Otobi, Otukpo, Taraku, Moi-Igbo and, eventually, Makurdi which is reached in 1924.

Cameroon 1947: Frs. Joseph and Johannes Kirsten (broth-ers of the German Province) are released from their internment in Jamaica where they had been sent from Nigeria at the start of the war. Because they are from the Saar, they are considered to be French by the authorities and are allowed to work in Cameroon. They are the first two German confreres to set out for the missions after the war.

Congo 1948: Five new missions are opened in the Congo this year: Ouenzé, Zanaga, Dolisie, Sibiti and Di-venié.

Portugal 1975: The death of Dr. Nuno Sim›es who is instrumental in the building of the seminary at Torre d’Aguila. He also gives the Province a house at Pedras Salgadas.