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We are a Roman Catholic Religious Congregation of nearly three thousand members, founded in 1703. Our missions are spread worldwide. While we may be found involved in many diverse ministries, we have dedicated ourselves to working with the poor and in those situations where the Church has difficulty in finding ministers.

One Heart. One Spirit.

  • We seek first to allow the Spirit to transform us in our heart and soul
  • We are open to the Spirit alive in others
  • We go and share the Spirit wherever people are suffering

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21 April in Spiritan Anniversaries

Martinique 1851: Arrival of Mgr. Herpeur, the first Bishop of Martinique. He is one of the three Bishops for whose appointed Libermann has worked so hard in the last year of his life. The new bishop is anxious to start a junior and senior seminary.

Cameroon 1932: Père Maupeou is mortally wounded by a polygamous Christian with whom he is in discussion. His attacker asks his forgiveness and the Spiritan blesses him as he dies.

France 1938: The death of Mgr. Alexandre Le Roy, Superior General from 1896 to 1926. A great mis-sionary and ethnologist, he guided the Congregation through the crises of the French anti-clericalism and the First World War.

Rome 1957: The encyclical “Fidei Donum” of Pius XII. In it, he invites bishops to send some of their dioce-san priests and committed lay people to help in the missions.